[Raxor Syntax](

From Scratch:

save group of fields to "favorites"

"Insert" good for feeds TinyMCE "List" infinitely repeatable field, i.e. list of links, list of components

"share" component breaks itself iyt

section control/Navigation "Subtree" gives you everything, but burns through memory

taxonomy navigation: anything can be tagged

System Options

when it's all XML, the cms can export a schema into the page tag

Component Publish Setting -- publish all referred components [x] publish components referenced from pages

Auto-save config (save when you click away from a page)

Asset Browser (enable "weird" extensions)

WorldView -- Ingeniux

"Presenation Formatter" setup for Foundation

unclear on insite search config, use Google instead

---- "Publishing System" -- manage publishing target(s) , where to publish, etc

-- set homepage -- turn off replication

---- maintenence -- export site to migrate -- log viewer

database has all schema content & asset folders are genrally huge (gigs) EXPORT DATABASE is all you *need*

bigger the file, the longer it takes -- results in a zip file containing what you ask for

only ever need to modify views & app_code

icmselement icmspage

folder structure

View > Editable > *.cshtml only stuff editable through the CMS view (i.e. Pagebuilder or front-end editor)