Pandoc can convert just about any document into any other document

default LaTeX Layout YAML

When pandoc is used with -t markdown to create a Markdown document, a YAML metadata block will be produced only if the -s/--standalone option is used. All of the metadata will appear in a single block at the beginning of the document.

Here is a YAML frontmatter with all possible settings of the default latex template

    title: 'Title of Document'
    subtitle: 'Subtitle for Document'
    - A. Writer
    - Ann Other Writer
    date: November 27, 2018
    - list of organizations
    - that the authors
    - are affiliated with
    abstract: |
      This is a blurb about the work.

      The abstract comes from academia where it describes what the work is about.

example command

    pandoc \ # input file
           -s \ # standalone
           --toc \ # generate a table of contents
           --smart \ # Interpret typography more cleverly than the default
           --wrap=preserve \ # preserve line breaks
           --latex-engine=xelatex \ # build using XeLaTeX
           --template=layout.tex \ # use a specific latex template for layout
           -o book.pdf # output file